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Openstack network configuration issues/confusion with Fuel 8.0

asked 2016-03-17 09:08:14 -0500

kvasko gravatar image

I am using Fuel 8.0 to do a deployment of OS. I am confused on setting up the network.

When I create the the OS deployment I pick "Neutron with tunneling segmentation".

My question is why do I need to specify a Private network VLAN if I pick VXLAN? In the instructions for ( it shows for 2 NICs and doesn't specify anything about the private network needing a VLAN/Network Interface. However, if I pick VLAN in the clouds settings I don't have to specify a private network. Is this a bug/issue in Fuel? (image description)

In the Networks settings do the following:

For the public interface to and the gateway to (this should be the gateway of my router to allow me out to internet correct)? For Neutron L3 I change the floating IPs appropriately For Storage I use VLAN Tagging 102 For Management I use no VLAN Tagging (My Confusion) For Private I use VLAN Tagging 103

So for me

eth0 - Fuel Network eth1 - Public eth2 - Management, Storage, Private

However, it doesn't work. My controller gets setup but I can't get to the Horizon GUI. The controller node IP = (can ping that from a machine (laptop) on the public network) but the Horizon GUI was given (can't ping it from the same laptop for some reason. I reset it to try again and I keep running into issues where the public interface can't ping the gateway for some reason but I think that is a separate issue and just my configuration.

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answered 2016-09-29 22:53:51 -0500

VSR gravatar image

HI, You have asked two questions.

Let me try to address 1 by 1

First Q: Why do u need to define Private Network in Fuel when you are using VXLAN encap for tunneling. Answer: This network is where the Nova and Network node initiate and terminate their VXLAN tunnels, this is not the Tenant private network. i.e the VXLAN outer header will use this subnet and VLAN tag.

SecondQ: Horizon GUI IP is different to controller's IP and not pingable. Answer: ON the controller HAProxy servifce gets configured, u can check its configuration under /etc/haproxy/conf.d/ It also creates a namespace to serve this IP address, so if you issue "ip netns list| you will see haproxy namespace, you can issse "ip netns exec ip addr" to see its addresses and investigate further.

The Horiozon IP address should be pingable. If your controller is virtualized ensure IP spoofing and multiple MACs are allowed on the TAP interface or port group.

Hope this helps. -VJ.

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