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Does the company need to be a member of the foundation in order for employees to contribute code on behalf of the company?

asked 2016-03-17 03:03:44 -0500

Dan Lilliehorn gravatar image

As part of a project where we are using OpenStack, our company needs to contribute a few patches to the tempest and rally test suites. Thus we want to make a few people OpenStack contributors on behalf of the company.

In the instructions on how to contribute, it says clearly that to be a contributor on behalf of a company you need to sign both the individual and the corporate CLA. It also says that the contributor needs to be a foundation member first. But we cannot find anywhere clearly stated whether this applies to the individual contributor only or also to the company?

We _assume_ that only our engineers need to join the foundation, but our legal dept does not like assumptions... ;-)

For an individual engineer to become a foundation member is not a big deal, of course. Whether or not the company is to join the foundation, and thus become a sponsor etc, is a much bigger engagement...

"If you are contributing on behalf of a company or organization, you still need to sign the ICLA above but someone at your company or organization also needs to sign the Corporate Contributor License Agreement providing a list of people authorized to commit code to OpenStack."

"If you haven’t already, join The OpenStack Foundation (it’s free and currently required for all code contributors, though there is work in progress which may remove this requirement in the future)."

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answered 2016-05-11 09:19:35 -0500

spyderdyne gravatar image

Your company can pay to become a foundation member for a fee ($10k-25k annual,) but if your organization is not ready/able to commit all your employees are still eligible to become either community or foundation members. Membership is required to commit code, but all personnel are encouraged to become members including users and operators. The CCLA serves the same function as the ICLA required for each member, but allows the foundation and its membership to use any code contributed by your employees back to the community with no implied ownership by your organization. It simply ensures that you wont come back and sue Openstack for using your contributions, which you dont intend to do anyway or you wouldn't be contributing.

  1. If you intend to have employees contribute code to Openstack you need to complete the CCLA for them to do so legally.

  2. Any employee that touches Openstack in any aspect is encouraged to join the community/foundation, but only members who are actually submitting things are required to.

Does that help?

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Note that it is no longer necessary to join the foundation as an individual member to submit code, though you currently do still need to agree to the ICLA in Gerrit:

fungi gravatar imagefungi ( 2017-08-08 17:14:55 -0500 )edit

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