no internet connection in VMs running in devstack (Single Node)

asked 2016-03-15 18:25:40 -0600

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I'm running devstack on a single VM. Everything works fine. However, there is no internet connectivity from the VM.

# ovs-vsctl show
Bridge br-ex
    Port "qg-3265758e-52"
        Interface "qg-3265758e-52"
            type: internal
    Port "qg-74bdac22-88"
        Interface "qg-74bdac22-88"
            type: internal
    Port br-ex
        Interface br-ex
            type: internal

# ip netns show

# ip netns exec qrouter-8946f3a2-5397-49c1-bda1-b525f8a549a5 ip route
default via dev qg-74bdac22-88 dev qr-821fda97-0b  proto kernel  scope link  src dev qg-74bdac22-88  proto kernel  scope link  src

Since there is no internet connectivity, cloud-init is not working. Other than cirros image, no other image boots because cloud-init is not working.

Any ideas how to enable internet connectivity into devstack?

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answered 2016-03-16 00:17:09 -0600

vikrant gravatar image

As the output of "ovs-vsctl show" shows that, there is no physical port (ex- eth0 or eth1 ) is associated with br-ex. First You need to have a physical port associated with the external bridge, then associate the floating point IP to the VM through which it can reach the external network for internet connectivity.

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