Invalid environment marker: (python version>='3)

asked 2016-03-13 01:18:56 -0600

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Dear all,

I'm setting Swift all in one based on the guide at: (

when i try to do these step

Check out the python-swiftclient repo:

cd $HOME; git clone
Build a development installation of python-swiftclient:

cd $HOME/python-swiftclient; sudo python develop; cd -
Ubuntu 12.04 users need to install python-swiftclient’s dependencies before the installation of python-swiftclient. This is due to a bug in an older version of setup tools:

cd $HOME/python-swiftclient; sudo pip install -r requirements.txt; sudo python develop; cd -

i got a problem :

error in setup command: Invalid environment marker python version>=3.0

i used the ubuntu server 14.04. please help me to fix that

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