Current options for integrating OpenStack events and metrics into 3rd party Enterprise Frameworks

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Hi All,

First off, apologies, i'm entirely new to OpenStack. My job is to investigate how to get Openstack events (for monitoring) and metrics (for reporting, capacity planning, billing) into our current Enterprise Framework. Currently, that framework is HP Operations Manager (OM) for alert management and closed loop incident management, and HP Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR) for reporting.

I've read the Celiometer doco, and also seen additional projects like StackTack, etc. But its difficult to tell whats current and actively being used / developed. Some posts on this site show Stacktack info updated in 2012?

At a high level, i'm hoping some Openstack project will be able to collect all the events and metrics into a central place (per node is fine, or one for the entire deployment) from all the deployed components (Nova, swift, neutron, horizon etc). i'd then like to use the OM agent to capture the events for monitoring, to bring into our monitoring framework. Similarly, i could use the OM agent to collect metrics which in turn can be collected by OBR. Alternatively, is metrics are collected to a DB or similar, i could batch export and import into OBR.

My understanding is all monitoring events and metrics pass through the OpenStack Message Bus. Celiometer collects and records all these and provides an API for extracting this data. Add ons like StackTack provide the ability to massage this raw data into a DB, and provide alerting functions etc.

Are there other options more current than StackTack?

Are all the messages Celiomter receives logged to a log file? The OM Agent can easily parse log file for alert conditions? OR am i better off simply monitoring all the component log files for events we are interested in? (Assuming all components not only submit a message to the message bus, but also log the same message with relevant details?) Can Celiometer be configured to call an external command line, to pump metric details from messages into the OM agent?

Any advice or directions to more info greatly appreciated.

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