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Requesting Urgent Help Regarding Murano Openstack

asked 2016-03-03 12:23:18 -0600

Ericjosh gravatar image

I am a newbie in Murano Openstack and some urgent help is required:

I am using Mirantis 7 platform with Murano Openstack to deploy Apache web server. Using the following steps to configure:

1) Accessed horizon UI 2) Created RTR and connected it with External router 3) Imported Apache web server package 4) Launched an environment and added apache server in it 5) Deployed the environment; deployment failed with following error


I needed to ask that what might be the reason for this error? Am i skipping some step for deployment?

Would really appreciate any kind of help from you guys in this regard.

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answered 2016-03-04 08:44:09 -0600

slagun gravatar image

updated 2016-03-04 08:44:47 -0600

TimeoutException indicates that Murano deployment engine didn't received in time a response from its guest agent on VM. Engine and agent talk to each other via RabbitMQ server that must be accessible to both parties. Usually the error happens because one of the following:

  1. Incorrect RabbitMQ parameters in [rabbitmq] section of murano.conf. For example host =

  2. There is no guest agent on VM (wrong image)

  3. Network connectivity issues between VM and RabbitMQ

  4. Some issue with cloud-init that caused agent config not to be updated with correct parameters on first boot

  5. Used flavor is too small or/and VM is running extremely slow and it takes ages to run script

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