OpenStack Compute node linux bridge problem

asked 2016-03-03 07:29:26 -0600

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On the virtual machines we have two network interfaces. Eth0 ( and eth1 (

i use eth1 for managment and eth0 for public access

The DHCP reply packets are not able to reach the TAP interface because the bridge is sending the packet back to eth0.

Eth0 is saying to the bridge that he has the INSTANCE interface and the packet is sent back to eth0. Eth0 sends it again to br interface and they get in a loop. At the end the packet gets droped. Here brctl showmacs on the bridge

$ brctl showmacs brq466a96cb-7a
port no mac addr                is local?       ageing timer
  2     00:0c:29:18:5d:36       no                 0.26
  2     00:0c:29:a0:61:0a       yes                0.00
  2     00:0c:29:a0:61:0a       yes                0.00
  2     00:19:56:be:2d:ad       no                 1.85
  2     00:19:56:be:2d:ae       no                 1.85
  2     64:9e:f3:35:b0:37       no                 0.00
  2     fa:16:3e:76:b2:65       no                18.17
  2     fa:16:3e:f4:33:9c       no                11.16
  1     fe:16:3e:76:b2:65       yes                0.00
  1     fe:16:3e:76:b2:65       yes                0.00

fa:16:3e:76:b2:65 is the mac of the instance and as you can see in the table is writen that is on port 2 where eth 0 is

Please help me how to fix this. The interfaces are in promiscus mode

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