Windows updates stuck

asked 2016-03-02 13:42:21 -0600

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Hello all,
I am running openstack liberty in, currently, a 3-node architecture utilizing the linuxbridge agent on the controller and compute nodes, and isolating the glance service to its own node.

I recently had issues downloading web files in windows instances that I was able to resolve by disabling the windows TCP autotuninglevel setting. I was unable to download windows updates prior to that change and I am still unable to. That was the only change that seemed to resolve the http download timeout errors and I am sure it is not the resolution for the windows update issue I am having.

Currently the windows updates stay in a "checking for updates" state and this will not change for days at a time.

I have only had one case where the updates were able to go through however I had the updates checking while I was not monitoring the instance and I was experimenting at the time; therefore I do not know if there were any specific settings the OS may have had that could have affected the outcome.

If there is any information that I may be missing please provide me with assistance. I have tried many windows update fixes and none seem to work.

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We are seeing the same issue with our freshly installed Windows 7 image with SP1 slipstreamed into the ISO. We are also using the latest stable virtio drivers.

AJ Schroeder gravatar imageAJ Schroeder ( 2016-04-04 18:08:21 -0600 )edit