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Mirantis FUEL 8.0 - Cannot deploy successfully

asked 2016-03-02 02:36:23 -0500

tomte76 gravatar image

updated 2016-03-02 22:58:54 -0500

Bipin gravatar image

I want to deploy a Test-Cluster with neutron tunneling and ceph. I did this in the same hardware configuration successful with Mirantis 7. I set up 4 hardware nodes for compute and ceph and one VM for control and telemetry. I set up all VLANs for the default configuration. I can verfiy network successful. I can start the deployment but it always fails during "install openstack 99%" on the controller node. I can see the following errors in the mentioned Astute Log.

2016-03-02 08:07:34 ERROR   [446] Error running RPC method granular_deploy: Deployment failed on nodes 9, trace: 
["/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/deployment_engine.rb:68:in `block (3 levels) in deploy'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/deployment_engine.rb:51:in `each_slice'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/deployment_engine.rb:51:in `block (2 levels) in deploy'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/deployment_engine.rb:49:in `each'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/deployment_engine.rb:49:in `block in deploy'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/deployment_engine.rb:45:in `each'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/deployment_engine.rb:45:in `deploy'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/orchestrator.rb:216:in `deploy_cluster'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/orchestrator.rb:52:in `granular_deploy'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/dispatcher.rb:92:in `granular_deploy'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:189:in `dispatch_message'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:146:in `block in dispatch'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/task_queue.rb:64:in `call'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/task_queue.rb:64:in `block in each'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/task_queue.rb:56:in `each'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/task_queue.rb:56:in `each'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:144:in `each_with_index'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:144:in `dispatch'",
 "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:123:in `block in perform_main_job'"]

2016-03-02 08:07:34 ERROR   [446] No more tasks will be executed on the node 9

2016-03-02 08:07:34 ERROR   [446] Task '{"priority"=>1600, "type"=>"puppet", "id"=>"cluster-vrouter", "parameters"=>{"puppet_modules"=>"/etc/puppet/modules", "puppet_manifest"=>"/etc/puppet/modules/osnailyfacter/modular/cluster-vrouter/cluster-vrouter.pp", "timeout"=>3600, "cwd"=>"/"}, "uids"=>["9"]}' failed on node 9

But by now I have no success in tracking it further down. Can anybody help?


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Same here... Fuel 7.0 worked fine, exact configuration, same hardware and network doesn't deploy with Fuel 8.0. I even tried the bare bone configuration just a single controller and it fails.

open4storage gravatar imageopen4storage ( 2016-03-23 09:59:00 -0500 )edit

I am running to the same error..Did you find a solution?

Sofiane68 gravatar imageSofiane68 ( 2016-04-11 05:34:00 -0500 )edit

I've got exactly this issue here! Anyone know the solution?

Willian Andrade gravatar imageWillian Andrade ( 2016-05-31 13:06:07 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-03-03 02:15:21 -0500

tomte76 gravatar image

updated 2016-03-03 02:43:17 -0500

I made it beyond that point by deploying 3 instead of 1 control nodes. Seems to be related to cluster configuration or quorum . But now I get stuck @this point:

2016-03-03 00:33:56 ERROR [440] Error running RPC method granular_deploy: Failed to execute hook 'updatedb' Puppet run failed. Check puppet logs for details

uids: - '20' - '21' - '17' - '16' - '19' - '18' - '22' parameters: puppet_modules: /etc/puppet/modules puppet_manifest: /etc/puppet/modules/osnailyfacter/modular/ceph/updatedb.pp timeout: 60 cwd: / priority: 100 fail_on_error: true type: puppet id: updatedb , trace: ["/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/nailgun_hooks.rb:64:in block in process'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/nailgun_hooks.rb:26:ineach'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/nailgun_hooks.rb:26:in process'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/deployment_engine/granular_deployment.rb:233:inpost_deployment_actions'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/deployment_engine.rb:75:in deploy'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/orchestrator.rb:216:indeploy_cluster'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/orchestrator.rb:52:in granular_deploy'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/dispatcher.rb:92:ingranular_deploy'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:189:in dispatch_message'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:146:inblock in dispatch'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/task_queue.rb:64:in call'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/task_queue.rb:64:inblock in each'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/task_queue.rb:56:in each'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/task_queue.rb:56:ineach'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:144:in each_with_index'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:144:indispatch'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:123:in `block in perform_main_job'"]

2016-03-03 00:33:56 ERROR [440] 47b522ec-8311-430a-a767-e5043ac2d0a3: puppet timeout error: execution expired

I searched the puppet error logs as mentioned in the message, but I could not find anything related to updatedb there. But I find the puppet-manifest-run on the nodes and it looks ok. Also the file /etc/updatedb.conf is correct on all nodes. It contains /var/lib/ceph.

2016-03-03 00:32:59 +0000 /Stage[main]/Main/Exec[Ensure /var/lib/ceph in the updatedb PRUNEPATH] (info): Starting to evaluat e the resource 2016-03-03 00:32:59 +0000 ExecEnsure /var/lib/ceph in the updatedb PRUNEPATH (debug): Executing check 'tes t ! -f /etc/updatedb.conf || grep 'PRUNEPATHS = *./var/lib/ceph.' /etc/updatedb.conf' 2016-03-03 00:32:59 +0000 Puppet (debug): Executing 'test ! -f /etc/updatedb.conf || grep 'PRUNEPATHS *= *./var/lib/ceph.' /etc/updatedb.conf' 2016-03-03 00:32:59 +0000 ExecEnsure /var/lib/ceph in the updatedb PRUNEPATH (debug): Executing 'sed -i ... (more)

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@tomte76: Were u able to resolve this problem. I am doing exactly the same and after 99% deployment, this error pops up.. Also seems to me u were testing OPNFV release. Is it true?

AB239 gravatar imageAB239 ( 2016-07-12 00:05:03 -0500 )edit

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