OpenStack Kilo on Ubuntu 14.04 with IOvisor (Kernel Upgrade issue)

asked 2016-03-02 01:35:49 -0500

JungsuHan gravatar image

Hello, I'm Jungsu Han

I'm have been operating OpenStack Testbed with Kilo version on Ubuntu 14.04.

I installed openstack by following OpenStack Installation Guide for Ubuntu 14.04 - kilo.

I have 5 nodes (1 node is controller + network, 4 nodes are compute nodes).

The kernel version is 3.19.0-25-generic.

I'm planning to upgrading kernel version to above 4.1 to test IOvisor (It is required to above 4.1 kernel version).

However, I'm not a expert about kernel, so I afraid that openstack may be not work due to kernel dependecy.

Do you have experinece about upgrading kernel version during operating OpenStack testbed?

Please let me know if anyone knows.


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