How come my fresh MOS 7.0 installation doesn't let me reach my instances via floating IPs?

asked 2016-02-28 15:13:13 -0600

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I have used Mirantis 5.0 for a couple of years. I have devoted an entire /24 network, to my external IP range and was using nova networking. This is an actual routable network and the .1 endpoint sits on my border router.

I wiped out my 5.0 configuration and rebuilt my fuel server with 7.0. I created a three node setup: 1 controller node with 3 ethernet interfaces (4 interfaces but one is bad so I ignored it). 2 compute nodes each with 2 interfaces.

With 5.0 it was very simple to add a floating IP address from my public range and it simply worked out of the box.

I was forced to use neutron networking with the new MOS 7.0 which is overkill for my needs, but I selected it anyway, and allocated to the public range, with .2 - .14 for nodes and 15 - 254 for VMs.

I am able to assign an IP address from the range to a VM upon start. However, when I try the test VMs, such as Cirros, it does not get the IP address and when I try my CentOS 6.0 image it is unable to get the address via DHCP.

I really just want to use flat networking with neutron, out of the box, or even nova-networking, but it is not allowed unless I use vCenter. sigh

So my fuel installation completes and everything seems to be working (this was hardware that ran MOS 5.0 for several years) and I can build a VM but just can't reach it from the outside. The CirrOS VM allows me to connect the management network and it will SNAT out of one of my routables, but I really don't want SNAT for obvious reasons.

I have been pounding on this for several weeks and I am close to giving up and installing MOS 6.1 so I can use nova-networking, but I know that is the wrong idea, since I am not even sure if my NFS plugins will work.

Can anyone give me some guidance? For an experienced OS person this is probably an easy fix. I thought that person was me but apparently not.



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