Mirantis Openstack 7 Installation(ext4-fs (dm-7) mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. opts)

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I try to install MirantisOpenStack-7.0.iso in virtual box with scripts. After reboot of successfull installation it was asked for settings like default password, NTP, Network(It was already configured!), I selected "save and Quite". Then after some time it is showing message "ext4-fs (dm-7) mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. opts" continuously.


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answered 2016-02-29 03:15:40 -0500


ext4-fs (dm-7) mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. opts

is the process of installing the devicemappers in order to enable docker containers that will run on the master node. It will take some time, like 15 minutes.

You can skip the ncurses configuration tool, called fuelmenu, by passing fuelmenu=no to grub at boot time, as stated in docs.

And it's Mirantis not Marantis.

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