How to setup SWIFT_PROXY_NODE and SWIFT_STORAGE_NODEs separately on RDO Liberty ? [closed]

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The most recent RDO releases Liberty and Kilo allow to setup Storage Node running all swift service at a time.
I do need real Swift HA deployment ( just manually )
I've tried to follow
No luck
2. Upstream link
Fails to register swift endpoints with keystone,requiring each time presence of "--publicurl"
Like this :

openstack endpoint create --publicurl "\$(tenant_id)s" --adminurl http://controller:8080/v1" --internalurl "http://controller:8080/v1/AUTH_\$(tenant_id)s" --region RegionOne swift

Does it exist clear and reproducible instructions for RDO Liberty ?

I believe that packstack support for such kind of swift deployment was deprecated after IceHouse release and don't understand "WHY"?

I've also noticed that critical *.conf files generated by packstack for single Storage Node are too much different
from the ones proposed by first link

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