Role in Openstack/Swift

asked 2016-02-25 02:46:57 -0500

Dear all ,

i'm researching about Identity Provisioning/Deprovisioning.

now i want to know the rola in openstack or swift

as i read on a document, it said :

There are the following roles in OpenStack Object
 User has no permissions relative to user management.
 Admin can add users to an account where he is an administrator. In swauth can delete users from
administered accounts.
 Reseller Admin has Admin permissions on all the accounts. Cannot add other Reseller Admins.
 Super Admin is the most powerful user, who can perform all user management procedures, including
adding Reseller Admins.

but the document is very old and i want to know the information is still true now ? sorry i search on internet but can not find any information about that

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