open stack horizon dashboard does not open

asked 2016-02-25 01:05:53 -0600

Nirav Suthar gravatar image

hello i had installed openstack horizon succesfully once i logged in and i saw interface but after the restart my pc dashboard doesnot load this is my ip to load openstack and it says server not found

give me proper step by step sollution

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Please make sure that the IP address is still the same as well as the webserver is running on your controller node.

cheers, hauke

haukebruno gravatar imagehaukebruno ( 2016-02-27 22:59:20 -0600 )edit

Could you provide more information about the process that you use for the installation?

electrocucaracha gravatar imageelectrocucaracha ( 2017-02-28 11:48:39 -0600 )edit