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bdf based pci-passthrough (non SRIOV) in Liberty

asked 2016-02-24 22:14:41 -0500

Ravi Vadapalli gravatar image

I am trying to get non SRIOV pci-passthrough in Liberty, but not successful.

These are the steps followed

  1. create pci_passthrough_whitelist in nova.conf of the compute node as pci_passthrough_whitelist = {"address": "0000:89:00.0", "physical_network": "test_phy_nw"}
  2. As sriov is not used, do not add sriovnicswitch as mechanism driver in ml2. and do not do any ml2 sriov configurations.
  3. do not configure pci_passthrough_alias as alias does not support BDF (address)
  4. create a neutron net - neutron net-create --name test_os_nw --provider:physical_network test_phy_nw --provider:physical_network_type flat. (is Flat ok ? or should i use vlan or vxlan type networks ?)
  5. create port with direct vnic_type - neutron port-create <net-id> --name pci.port --binding:vnic_type direct
  6. boot an instance with this port nova boot --flavor m1.small --image ubuntu --nic port-id=$(neutron port-show pci.port -F id -f value) test.vm

Two questions in this regard

  1. Are the steps followed above correct & am i missing anything in the above steps ?
  2. Is the process to achieve pci-passthrough (non SRIOV) different from SRIOV pci-passthrough ? If it is different, can you please share a link to it (or better can u give a quick summary of the process).
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answered 2016-03-03 23:47:32 -0500

Ravi Vadapalli gravatar image

After some more experimenting and reading, figured out BDF based pass through is supported only for SRIOV (as of Liberty).

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