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How Can I Update user-data on Openstack?

asked 2013-12-16 14:40:14 -0500

dmourati gravatar image

I have a bunch of openstack VMs running on Grizzly. I need to change their domain which is currently managed by cloud-init. How do I update the user-data?

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answered 2013-12-16 15:12:51 -0500

larsks gravatar image

OpenStack does not provide a mechanism with which you can modify the user-data for an instance.

cloud-init -- in general -- only runs the first time your system boots. This means that it doesn't generally "manage" your configuration, but instead expects you to use some post-first-boot configuration management tool (Chef, Puppet, Ansible, etc) to manage your system configuration.

Since cloud-init only runs when the system first boots, even if you were able to update the user-data it wouldn't have any effect on your system. If you really wanted this to work, you would have to:

  • Update the user_data field in the instances table in the nova database corresponding to your instance.
  • Remove the contents of /var/lib/cloud/instances/* in your instance.
  • Reboot (or manually run cloud-init)

...but you don't really want to do that.

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