Fuel transition from non-bonded to bonded

asked 2016-02-23 13:35:31 -0600

Louisville Stacker gravatar image

Details: Mirantis fuel 7 Neutron VLAN/OVS

All hosts have a 1g interface for pxeboot that is not shared with any other Open Stack network or vlan. All hosts have at least two 10G ports to a Cisco Nexus N3K.

I would like to bond the 2 10G ports using LACP. I can set that up in the switches but what I am trying to figure out is how the transition from non-bonded to a bonded happens. The switches expect one or the other and need to be configured as such when the transition happens. I am guessing that this transition happens during provisioning or at a reboot of the node.

How are other handing this conversion from non-bonded to bonded ? Am I missing something ?

Thank in advance.


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