vmware: How to create vlan id and vlan tag

asked 2016-02-16 22:39:50 -0500

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I am in process of installing Mirantis Openstack fuel on vSphere. In one Mirantis blog I found below configuration to be done before installation. Mirantis blog link (http://samuraiincloud.com/2014/08/23/openstack-and-vmware-vsphere-integration-with-mirantis-fuel/)

vSphere configuration-

PXE/Storage/Mgmt – VLAN ID: All (4095) / Promiscuous mode: accept

  • Fuel Admin (PXE) network (untagged) –
  • OpenStack Management network (tagged as VLAN101) –
  • OpenStack Storage network for Cinder (tagged as VLAN102) –

I am not good at vSphere networking. I have created port group named 'PXE/Storage/Mgmt' and vlan id as 'All(4095)' (Esxi host -> Configuration -> Networking -> add networking -> create)

I want to know after this configuration how can I create

  • Fuel Admin (PXE) network (untagged)

  • Openstack management network (tagged as VLAN101)

  • Openstack storage network (tagged as VLAN102)

For port group I have already gave tag as 'All(4095)'. How can I assign tag like 'VLAN101' and subnet to same portgroup?

thanks in advance

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