Can we make Glance Highly Available without using Swift?

asked 2016-02-16 07:16:19 -0600

zekken gravatar image

Most of the places that I have gone through uses Swift to store images. Is there any other way to make the images Highly Available without using Swift?

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answered 2016-02-16 09:07:02 -0600

Jasper Aikema gravatar image

updated 2016-02-16 09:07:31 -0600

Yes you can, you have to use a backend with shared storage.

You can use one of the following backends:

  • OpenStack Block Storage (cinder)
  • A directory on a local file system
  • GridFS
  • Ceph RBD
  • Amazon S3
  • Sheepdog
  • OpenStack Object Storage (swift)
  • VMware ESX

More information can be found on

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