Is there a way to initiate a particular openstack method from user created python scripts

asked 2016-02-15 22:51:56 -0600

machi029 gravatar image

Currently I am using the zone fabric manager to configure san zones. I am trying to figure out some way to get the list of the san mapping of the VMs and fabric switches.

Unfortunately, I have found no CLI nor REST API to achieve this. However I see that there is a python method called get_san_context() to get the list of the fibre channel mapping.

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I know this will be some sort of a hack ... but is it possible to initiate that particular openstack method from a user created python scripts ? I'm trying to write a python script on the controller node like writing "from cinder.zonemanager.drivers import fc_zone_driver .... " but cannot figure out how to get this method to work ...

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