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ceilometer radosgw pollsters partially working

asked 2016-02-13 14:26:56 -0500

sxc731 gravatar image

updated 2016-02-19 02:37:06 -0500

I'm running Kilo and Ceph Firefly 0.80.9 and trying to get Ceilometer to report radosgw metrics. Strangely I'm getting data for only one of the meters radosgw.api.request but only 0.0 for all the others (I'm interested in radosgw.objects.size in particular).

I got here by reading and noticed a couple of loose ends left by my installer (Fuel 7.0), which have been remedied as follows:

  1. Added rgw enable usage log = true to /etc/ceph/ceph.conf then restarted radosgw to get it to report its usage stats correctly; verified with radosgw-admin usage show --sync-stats --uid=XXX; so far so good.
  2. The 'ceilometer' radosgw user configured by Fuel was missing some of the "caps" mentioned by the OS admin guide, namely users and metadata. Added them as follows: radosgw-admin caps add --uid=ceilometer --caps='users=read' (repeat with metadata).

After fixing both these nifty pitfalls courtesy of Fuel (and restarting radosgw and ceilometer-agent-central for good measure) I thought I might be good... but I still only get api.request metrics as above.

I can see in ceilometer-agent-central.logthe lines that read: "Polling pollster rgw.containers.objects.size in the context of meter_source" so it's happening. I've tried running ceilometer-agent-centralwith debug enabled; this reveals nothing useful. The fact I have data for radosgw.api.request suggests the authentication part, at least, is ok.

Any idea?

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answered 2016-02-14 10:25:17 -0500

sxc731 gravatar image

updated 2016-02-14 10:57:03 -0500

OK, I got it! For the Ceilometer (and Horizon for that matter) integration to work, the radosgw userid must match the Keystone tenant ID (I had created the radosgw user manually using radosgw-admin). Here's an example of how such a radosgw user might be created correctly:

$ openstack project list     # grab the tenant's ID (first column)
$ radosgw-admin user create --uid=fab9fec9bc794a5a885e4dff6fc91875 --display-name="tenant name"

Otherwise, have it created transparently from Horizon by creating a bucket, which works around the potential issue!

That's it; then everything works out of the box and as an added bonus, it becomes possible to browse the objects stored through radosgw in Horizon. In hindsight it should have been obvious but I must have missed where this is mentioned in the docs. I'll see if I can contribute that ;-)

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