Neutron with OVS : How to configure multicast between 2 networks connected via neutron router

asked 2016-02-09 09:20:32 -0600

jan gravatar image

Hello !

I have the following scenario :

Network 1 : with 2 VMs : VM 1 IP :, VM2 IP Network 2 : with 1 VM : VM3 IP : Both networks are connected via neutron router.

I want to produce multicast packets in VM1 and receive it in VM2 and VM3.

I produce them using command : VM1: iperf -c -u -T 32 -t 3 -i 1

and receive them by command : VM2, VM3: iperf -s -u -B -i 1

I see only received data only on console of VM2, on VM3 there is no output. So it seems that multicast traffic is not passing through router1.

As I'm relativelly new to OpenStack I don't know what configuration steps should be be perform on router in order to make multicast traffic visible by VM3 ?

Thank you !


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