Cant view heat/stack resource-types when custom yaml-environment file used

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I am trying to learn how to use Heat templates, and created a custom yaml template for a load-balancing webserver, and stored it in /etc/heat/templates, and referenced it in /etc/heat/environment.d/default.yaml. (Using "IPS::Webserver": "file:///etc/heat/templates/IPS_LbFedora.yaml")

The file WORKS! I can use another template file, which references this "IPS::Webserver" resource that I define, and I get a nice little setup with two fedora's and a load-balancer config.

BUT. I can know longer view http://horizon/dashboard/project/stacks/resource_types/ (http://horizon/dashboard/project/stac...), if my own custom environment template is configured in heat. Horizon fails with an ~empty screen saying "Something went wrong!".

CLI usage heat resource-type-list|show will have no problem listing or showing my own resource. It seems that only horizon fails.

Is there something only slightly wrong my my environment template? Or do I have to do something with horizon?

Heres my template:

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This is likely a bug/missing feature in Horizon, which has patchy/no support for environment files.

zaneb gravatar imagezaneb ( 2016-02-23 15:55:01 -0500 )edit