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how to install step by step open stack on ubuntu 14.04 lts

asked 2016-01-29 07:38:21 -0500

Nirav Suthar gravatar image

hello sir i want to install openstack using devstack into ubuntu 14.04 lts so please provide me steps where how should i start to installation process of openstack.

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answered 2016-02-01 19:14:38 -0500

Mohit gravatar image

You can follow the official guide to install the latest releases of openstack

Juno Release-:

Liberty Release -:

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This is not install openstack using devstack. Please stick with question.

phuongnh gravatar imagephuongnh ( 2016-02-24 22:38:01 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-02-23 02:25:07 -0500

phuongnh gravatar image

updated 2016-02-23 21:28:49 -0500

Install openstack using devstack into ubuntu 14.04 lts step by step:

Step 1. Assumtion:

  • No proxy
  • All-in-one OpenStack model

Step 2. Prepare environment:

  • Prepare Host machine with strong configuration
  • Install Ubuntu 14.04 lts
  • After Ubuntu installation, update the OS by: # sudo apt-get update | # sudo apt-get upgrade | # sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Step 3. Install GIT

  • # sudo apt-get install git

Step 4. Download devstack

  • # git clone (

Step 5. Setup and config

  • # cd devstack/
  • Copy sample local.conf file by: # cp samples/local.conf .
  • Edit the local.conf file by: # vi local.conf
  • Add or remove module to be installed by editing local.conf file

Step 6: Install

  • Run installation by: # ./
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answered 2016-02-02 07:39:10 -0500

If you feel to lazy to type the install guide in, there is an scripted version of it. It is called BOMSI, and it can build you a full multinode test environment on a single click.

Currently it works using CentOS as a base system (Kilo and Liberty), but an Ubuntu version should be coming out in a few days, with substantial improvements on structure of the source code.

This is the git repository of the BOMSI project:

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my centos only have 2GB Ram

obaviet gravatar imageobaviet ( 2016-02-02 10:38:19 -0500 )edit

Uff... that's a little bit too tight on resources... Well, I installed Kilo in some test servers with 1Gb RAM by using the ISO file generated by BOMSI. But if you only have one machine with 2 GB, that might not help much. I believe you wont be able to run MySQL and instances on that machine.

Julen Larrucea gravatar imageJulen Larrucea ( 2016-02-02 10:54:22 -0500 )edit

yes,i have a machine 2GB ram

obaviet gravatar imageobaviet ( 2016-02-02 20:14:40 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-02-01 18:53:39 -0500

victorx gravatar image

I was able to install DevStack stable/liberty release on an all-in-one Ubuntu Trusty VM following I found the master branch on GitHub needed debugging during the install. But stable/liberty branch installed smoothly so git clone stable/liberty branch. If your Ubuntu is behind proxy, then set environment variables http_proxy, https_proxy, no-proxy. If your proxy uses self-signed certificates, then it'd be hard (hopefully some folks know how to install in this situation).

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