Cloudbase-init HEAT user_data timeout gateway 504

asked 2016-01-27 22:09:31 -0600

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Hello folks, I am running the following HEAT template heat_template_version: 2013-05-23

parameters: flavor: type: string description: Flavor to be used for compute instance

network_id_0bcd6961-4086-4d8a-8978-57b49e813196: type: string description: Generated to reference 'VirtualMachine' network. default: 'a6b17e4a-8e6d-4869-a205-441925d82216' password: {description: admin password, hidden: true, label: password, type: string} image: type: string description: Image to be provision default: "3ecc5ed6-cf5d-458d-8202-018ff8697083" resources:

Windows: type: OS::Nova::Server properties: networks: - port: { get_resource: Windows_0bcd6961-4086-4d8a-8978-57b49e813196_port } name: "Windows" image: { get_param: image} # Windows flavor: { get_param: flavor } admin_pass: { get_param: password } admin_user: administrator user_data: | #ps1_sysnative Set-Content -Path "C:\test.txt" -Value "Hello OpenStack instance"

Windows_0bcd6961-4086-4d8a-8978-57b49e813196_port: type: OS::Neutron::Port properties: network_id: { get_param: network_id_0bcd6961-4086-4d8a-8978-57b49e813196 }

If I run it from the Horizon dashboard with the PS1 part typed into the post-creation tab all goes fine, if I do it with the stack HEAT editor directly typing all, my instance gets a timeout error in fetching user_data metadata in cloudbase-init logs.

Anything obvious that I am doing wrong ?..... please help this is driving me nuts

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