problem installing virtualbox mirantis openstack

asked 2016-01-27 16:16:59 -0500

therealwebguru gravatar image


I am having a problem installing mirantis openstack using virtualbox on windows I have pretty followed the installation setup ( but one thing that mirantis never mentioned is the networks in the file

  1. The installation got stuck when installing fuel master, on the change password screen Now i think what might have caused this is #2 below

  2. It is mentioned that after installation one should spin up a browser and go to but the big question is "how will i connect to this ip" My computer where virtualbox is installed is on only one network so i am confused where all the networks included in the file come from. Do i have to setup VLANs for this network?

I mean i am not sure why mirantis left this out of the documentation.


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