How to route traffic directly to Swift server?

asked 2016-01-27 05:24:58 -0500

Razva gravatar image


Right now my configuration is simple:

  • one bare-metal hosts "everything OpenStack" (I call it "the router")
  • one bare-metal hosts Swift
  • one bare-metal hosts Compute (KVM)

In this setup seems that all the traffic from the Swift bare-metal is routed through the "router".

So here's a fast scheme of "test.jpg": Swift -> "Router" -> Internet

As you can see "test.jpg" is generating traffic from Swift to Router, and from Router to Internet. Thinking at the fact that the in the near future I'll add more Swift servers...this will be a problem, because the "router" has lower connectivity than the Swift bare-metal.

How can I send traffic from Swift directly to the Net, without messing around with the "router"? Is it possible?


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