intermittent loss of connectivity to instance floating IP

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I have a test setup of 5 nodes, running Liberty on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, following the setup guide, with neutron tenant networking. 3 compute nodes, 1 block, and a controller node running the rest of the services. The OpenStack service nodes are VMs on ESXi 6.0.

Booting a Cirros or Ubuntu instance works as expected and I can associate a floating IP. It all works, there are no errors in the logs and instances are available from the public network and the internet.

However, I'm seeing very frequent loss of connectivity. Say, every few minutes, sometimes seconds. I have run a single instance on this setup today and it seems I was able to continue my work by making sure the instance was not idle. I had an SSH session open, 'wacth'ing date every four seconds. Tonight, I tried to find more info, both on the web and by doing some experimenting with generating traffic.

I can't seem to find the reason for this issue. I did, however, notice that, once I lose connectivity (get ping timeouts), I can fix that instantly by ping the outside world from the console in Horizon.

I would really like to get some insight on this issue, or some advice on how to debug this networking problem. I'm of course happy to post any needed infos, right now I'm just not sure what these are.

I've not yet had the chance to eliminate the ESXi layer from my setup, since I lack the infrastructure. I'll be working on that, while waiting, in appreciation, for any advice.

Thanks much!

Samy Ascha

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I've been watching tcpdumps for public interface on network node today. Noticed connectivity was lost, whenever lots of packets like this come in: IP6 [ipv6] > [ipv6]: HBH ICMP6, multicast listener reportmax resp ... Rejecting solves. Problem elsewhere.

Samy Ascha gravatar imageSamy Ascha ( 2016-01-29 07:03:54 -0500 )edit

Did you ever find the solution for this.I keep hitting this in openstack mitaka environment where intermittently the floating ip goes unreachable.Once i ping the gateway for provider network ping starts working

prakashrao gravatar imageprakashrao ( 2017-11-29 19:51:30 -0500 )edit