VM snapshot size

asked 2016-01-26 10:36:14 -0600

jjcnxp gravatar image

I've created a snapshot from a VM instance with 8GB RAM and 80GB disk. It run's ubuntu server. The df command tells me only about 4GB of disk is used. I stopped the VM instance and then created a snapshot. The snapshot ended up being 33GB! Woah! How/why is it that big?

I did previously have dozens of GB of disk usage, but I cleaned that up before creating the snapshot. I'm very green on openstack, but here's what I figure: I created the snapshot after stopping the VM instance, so none of the 8GB ram should end up in the snapshot, right? The bulk of the image should be the disk then. And if I'm only using 4GB of disk, how can the snapshot end up being 33GB. Could all that stuff I deleted on disk somehow still end up in the snapshat?

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