How to remove actions in Horizon?

asked 2016-01-26 10:25:50 -0500

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I would like to remove some actions in the dashboard like "Terminate instance", "Rebuild instance", etc. Is there a configuration file to do it or using profiles or using the steps in [1].



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answered 2016-01-27 02:37:09 -0500

Hi, what i think your looking for is editing

There is a class where you need to remove the desired action:

class Meta(object):
        name = "instances"
        verbose_name = _("Instances")
        status_columns = ["status", "task"]
        row_class = UpdateRow
        table_actions_menu = (StartInstance, StopInstance, SoftRebootInstance)
        launch_actions = ()
        if getattr(settings, 'LAUNCH_INSTANCE_LEGACY_ENABLED', True):
            launch_actions = (LaunchLink,) + launch_actions
        if getattr(settings, 'LAUNCH_INSTANCE_NG_ENABLED', False):
            launch_actions = (LaunchLinkNG,) + launch_actions
        table_actions = launch_actions + (DeleteInstance,
        row_actions = (StartInstance, ConfirmResize, RevertResize,
                       CreateSnapshot, SimpleAssociateIP, AssociateIP,
                       SimpleDisassociateIP, AttachInterface,
                       DetachInterface, EditInstance, UpdateMetadata,
                       DecryptInstancePassword, EditInstanceSecurityGroups,
                       ConsoleLink, LogLink, TogglePause, ToggleSuspend,
                       ToggleShelve, ResizeLink, LockInstance, UnlockInstance,
                       SoftRebootInstance, RebootInstance,
                       StopInstance, RebuildInstance, DeleteInstance)


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