Manila: How do I set vendor-specific backend-volume options?

asked 2016-01-26 08:26:17 -0500

zashi gravatar image

I'm looking at using manila for a test project. My backend storage is a NetApp Cluster (running Clustered Data ONTAP). I want to thin-provision and enable options such as dedup and compression on the NetApp Volume.

Assuming the backend driver supports these options, do I do this with 'extra_specs' from the "Volume Types" API call for "Create Volume Type"? If it's not supported and I need to add support for these options to OpenStack, that's okay, I just need to know where the appropriate place to add them is.

What I want to do, the big picture, is: I want to be able to get OpenStack to provision an NFS share, carving out the volume on a Netapp cluster, and have the volume have NetApp-specific options set for it like deduplication and compression.

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