Problem deploying OpenStack Cinder using Cloudbase installer

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Although I am well versed in installing OpenStack components in Linux boxes it seems doing the same in Windows is not so easy :P :@
I am trying to install (OpenStack Windows Storage), using SMB3 as storage, in Windows Server 2012 R2 - 64 bit. However, this did not work. Searching and fiddling i created a DB table called cinder since the logs revealed I was getting a:

ERROR cinder.cmd.volume OperationalError: (_my_sql_exceptions.OperationalError) (1049, "Unknown database 'cinder' ")

So, I created the database but then the Windows service could not find the cinder.volumes table

ERROR cinder.cmd.volume ProgrammingError: (_my_sql_exceptions.ProgrammingError) (1146, "Table 'cinder.volumes' doesn't exit ")* (SQL: u'<complex SELECT query follows here>')

So, I tried a cinder-manage db sync to populate the database but the command failed (I don't have the error output). Looking at the source code the command tried to access a 'C:\var\lib\cinder' folder which did not exist so I created it and the command worked. So, I looked upon the generated cinder.sqlite DB and found out that it indeed had populated the database but not the MySQL database so I created all the tables in MySQL that were in SQLite. After that, the Windows service worked! The log output shows:

INFO cinder.volume.manager [req-<hex-digits-here>] Starting volume driver WindowsSmbfsDriver (1.1.0)
INFO [req-<hex-digits-here>] Smb share //OSAUM-HyperV/cinder-volumes Total size 25164771328 Total allocated 0.0
<Previous message is repeated again>
INFO oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit [req-<hex-digits-here>] Connecting to AMPQ server on localhost:5672
ERROR oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit [req-<hex-digits-here>] AMPQ server is unreachable: [Errno 10061] WSAECONNREFUSED. Trying again in x seconds.

Basically, I'm stuck here and I have concluded these:
1. Most probably, I'm doing something wrong here. These are way too many undocumented steps and had I not been involved with OpenStack in Linux I would probably not be able to go much further.
2. In addition, while I've set explicitly in my setting to use Apache Qpid the error log shows otherwise; aka it attempts to use RabbitMQ. Why?
3. Also, do I need to install the HyperV Compute service provided by CloudBase? It seems to me that this error probably relates to a block node storage controller which is not stated that I should create although I think that is the case.
4. Lastly, various commands in cmd do not work. For instance, cinder.exe returns a:
Fatal error in launcher: Unable to create process using '"C:\Python27_cindervolume_liberty\python.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudBase Solutions\OpenStack\Python27\Scripts\cinder.exe"'

P.S.: So, I created a VM as a controller node and now cinder works properly and contacts the DB successfully (verified from operations and logs). But, still, I can't have cinder do operations such as cinder.exe list (see error in 4) ).

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