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Hello all, I am running openstack Liberty, currently in a 2-node architecture, a controller and a compute controller. My openstack system is running on top of a proxmox 3-node cluster. The Nodes are running ubuntu server 14, currently only with essential services up, such as keystone, glance, nova, etc.

I am able to create instances and connect to the internet perfectly fine, however; when I try to download any item from a web browser the connection is reset. There are no errors showing in any of the logs, and as mentioned any other internet communications perform uninterrupted.

I had this exact issue when running openstack icehouse and juno and I am aware that icehouse used the gre implementation, while juno initiated flat for external and liberty now uses vxlan for internal; this makes me believe the issue is not with the setup. When I attempted to trace the packets by running wireshark inside the vm I noticed that there is an RST flag being sent from the custom port, eg: 49462, to the destination port; in this case 443.
I am using the default security group and even tried a custom security group that allowed all anywhere to and from(which I believe the default does already), but that did not change anything

I have been plagued with this issue since my pursuance of openstack and I am too enticed by its possibilities to give up. Are there any ideas that anybody might have?

Thank you for your time.

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