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Our Openstack controller has more than one public interface address, let's say and I want to have relative NoVNC proxy URL on Dashboard based on how the user reach the Dashboard. For example, if the user access the Dashboard by then the URL should be and vice versa, including the access using FQDN. I have bind NoVNC to all interface address ( so the problem is only how to entry novncproxy_base_url variable on nova.conf for this case. Any thought?

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answered 2016-01-18 07:00:22 -0600

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Add DNS entry for both the IP pointing to the same name.

edit /etc/resolve.conf & add the below entry or make appropriate changes in dns server.     horizon     horizon

Change noVNC proxy address as http://horizon:6080/vnc_auto.html

now you can access dashboard at http://horizon/horizon.html



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