Floating private/internal IP pool?

asked 2016-01-14 22:36:07 -0600

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Is it possible to create floating IP pools that are not associated with the default external network? Nova/neutron commands to setup another network (if necessary) and create a named floating internal ip pool would be much appreciated. Once the pool is created I believe I know how to create the floating ip fro the named pool, and then associate it with an instance.

My use case: We have a number of servers we want to provision on a private subnet ( As part of our upgrade scenario we want certain components to have known IP addresses (but not externally reachable). Fixed IPs from boot time are not sufficient, since the upgrade will involve bringing up another instance, doing the new version install, and finally moving the known IP address from the first instance to the second. DNS isn't a viable option because the DNS caching/update time creates issues.

Using fixed IPs..and re-assigning the IP via port-updates requires a machine reboot in order to see the new address or possibly bouncing the interface. It sounds like floating IPs would do what I want (keep both instances alive on the default internal network and just move the floating IP around), except I need to create an internal private IP pool from which to assign them or am I missing other options here.

Thanks Todd

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