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Is there any possibility to share resources from one openstack cloud to another similar one.

asked 2016-01-14 02:45:25 -0500

Sunesh gravatar image

Sharing of resources from one openstack cloud to another similar one with different resource pools, is it a possibility.Thanks in advance.

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answered 2016-01-19 05:36:30 -0500

Vinoth gravatar image

I guess "Cells" concept in Openstack could help.

Cells functionality enables you to scale an OpenStack Compute cloud in a more distributed fashion without having to use complicated technologies like database and message queue clustering. It supports very large deployments.

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Thanks for your reply Vinoth, sorry for the late reply. But I'm using Openstack Kilo, which doesn't seem to have this functionality. Any suggestions?

Sunesh gravatar imageSunesh ( 2016-01-26 22:29:25 -0500 )edit

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