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junior question here: geo redundancy on block storage

asked 2016-01-13 10:59:54 -0500

Lida Weng gravatar image

Hi All,

A OpenStack junior here... I'm a Microsoft Azure professional and recently got into this OpenStack set up which I very honestly like so much that I myself have successfully created a wonderful working environment using just 4 servers.

Now by comparing Microsoft Azure with OpenStack, I think I am missing some information from the basics I just learned from OpenStack documentations, can anyone help please:

1) I understand Object Storage (Swift) can be replicated to multiple places which is fantastic, can I consider that if I use 3 storage servers to replicate my data to 3 locations (under same region), that basically means I will never be offline unless the entire region get's power/connection issues, am I right?

2) I understand VM instance storage and block storage is not working like Swift for the sake of performance. However how should I resolve the HA issue in the simplest way? (e.g. When the entire single server got physically damaged therefore no RAID or whatsoever can help to recover) I like the distributed Swift idea if there were no performance concerns?

3) Follow up 2), How can geo redundancy on the be implemented in the quickest way? Is there a "Tutorial" alike documentation somewhere I can study and learn from?

Many thank.

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answered 2016-02-28 06:44:24 -0500

For 1) I guess, but since I don't use Swift for now I can't provide you an answer in detail

For 2) You need some kind of shared storage to provide HA to your instances boot disks and also to your block storage volumes. There are many solutions out there, starting from a simple DRBD between 2 nodes + providing NFS to your compute nodes and Cinder or using a distributed Ceph cluster, where nova-compute and Cinder are able to talk with.

This are just 2 examples, there are a lot of solutions and setups out there providing shared storage for OpenStack or Linux in general.

It comes down to your needs, abilities and maybe your budget.

For 3) it is also the same, there are storage solutions that will run great across datacenters or geographical regions, other won't.

Hope, I could give you a rough overview,

cheers, hauke

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