swift object-replicator hidden files

asked 2016-01-06 17:39:31 -0500

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one of my object storage nodes contains hidden files and the object-replicator tries to replicate them.

object-replicator: <f+++++++++ 175/689ca1c09567a5b3788bb96b91a3a175/.1422352454.84368.data.AFkzqQ
object-replicator: <f+++++++++ 175/689ca1c09567a5b3788bb96b91a3a175/.1422352454.84368.data.AFkzqQ.0PbkVX
object-replicator: <f+++++++++ 175/689ca1c09567a5b3788bb96b91a3a175/.1422352454.84368.data.AFkzqQ.0PbkVX.ax4ctd
object-replicator: <f+++++++++ 175/689ca1c09567a5b3788bb96b91a3a175/.1422352454.84368.data.AFkzqQ.8MP9eD
object-replicator: <f+++++++++ 175/689ca1c09567a5b3788bb96b91a3a175/.1422352454.84368.data.AFkzqQ.8MP9eD.mM3nKU

I have no idea how they got there or what they represent. It seems that they are somehow related to the actual data 1422352454.84368.data which also exists on the other nodes.

How can I get rid of them? The object replicator tries to replicate them every few minutes which results in large log files.


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