Kilo neutron : neutron agent-list not showing anything [closed]

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Hi Guys , i checked posts like this , but nothing helped . I'm installing Kilo from scratch , 3 servers . When trying to run "neutron agent-list" on the controller node , i'm getting just blank .... here is the logs :

opstack-controller ~]# neutron --debug agent-list
DEBUG: keystoneclient.session REQ: curl -g -i -X GET http://controller:35357/v3 -H "Accept: application/json" -H "User-Agent: python-keystoneclient"
DEBUG: keystoneclient.session RESP: [200] content-length: 250 vary: X-Auth-Token keep-alive: timeout=5, max=100 server: Apache/2.4.6 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) mod_wsgi/3.4 Python/2.7.5 connection: Keep-Alive date: Thu, 31 Dec 2015 09:46:52 GMT content-type: application/json x-openstack-request-id: req-e06ba801-9441-4e8a-a257-1e3064af9452 
RESP BODY: {"version": {"status": "stable", "updated": "2015-03-30T00:00:00Z", "media-types": [{"base": "application/json", "type": "application/vnd.openstack.identity-v3+json"}], "id": "v3.4", "links": [{"href": "http://controller:35357/v3/", "rel": "self"}]}}

DEBUG: stevedore.extension found extension EntryPoint.parse('table = cliff.formatters.table:TableFormatter')
DEBUG: stevedore.extension found extension EntryPoint.parse('csv = cliff.formatters.commaseparated:CSVLister')
DEBUG: neutronclient.neutron.v2_0.agent.ListAgent get_data(Namespace(columns=[], fields=[], formatter='table', max_width=0, quote_mode='nonnumeric', request_format='json', show_details=False, sort_dir=[], sort_key=[]))
DEBUG: keystoneclient.auth.identity.v3.base Making authentication request to http://controller:35357/v3/auth/tokens
DEBUG: keystoneclient.session REQ: curl -g -i -X GET http://controller:9696/v2.0/agents.json -H "User-Agent: python-neutronclient" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-Auth-Token: {SHA1}58b04bdbfa6b4f04b8fa88d524a0e502b65ac8c7"
DEBUG: keystoneclient.session RESP: [200] date: Thu, 31 Dec 2015 09:46:52 GMT connection: keep-alive content-type: application/json; charset=UTF-8 content-length: 14 x-openstack-request-id: req-f9b546f2-cf6a-4414-8e00-afc8db1b3a9c 
RESP BODY: {"agents": []}

thanks in advance !!

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