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Install openstack on centos 7

asked 2015-12-30 21:44:55 -0500

xiaoliuzi gravatar image

Hello all, I am a beginner. My ip is static. I read this link (link text)

to install openstack. But after i run the command

#packstack --allinone

I get the error report below. Please help me , thank you very much.

Adding Provisioning Glance manifest entries          [ DONE ]

Adding MongoDB manifest entries                      [ DONE ]

Adding Redis manifest entries                        [ DONE ]

Adding Ceilometer manifest entries                   [ DONE ]

Adding Ceilometer Keystone manifest entries          [ DONE ]

Adding Nagios server manifest entries                [ DONE ]

Adding Nagios host manifest entries                  [ DONE ]

Adding post install manifest entries                 [ DONE ]

Copying Puppet modules and manifests                 [ DONE ]

Applying                        [ ERROR ]     

Applying Puppet manifests                         [ ERROR ]

ERROR : Error appeared during Puppet run:

Error: Execution of '/usr/bin/yum -d 0 -e 0 -y list iptables-ipv6' returned 1: Error: No matching Packages to list

You will find full trace in log /var/tmp/packstack/20151231-112130-4ANaR/manifests/

Please check log file /var/tmp/packstack/20151231-112130-r4ANaR/openstack-setup.log for more information

Additional information:

 * A new answerfile was created in: /root/packstack-answers-20151231-112130.txt

 * Time synchronization installation was skipped. Please note that unsynchronized time on server instances might be problem for some OpenStack components.

 * File /root/keystonerc_admin has been created on OpenStack client host To use the command line tools you need to source the file.

 * To access the OpenStack Dashboard browse to .

Please, find your login credentials stored in the keystonerc_admin in your home directory.

 * To use Nagios, browse to username: nagiosadmin, password: 5596bc5a1bf54c0b
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Check whether you have all the required yum repositories. Try running yum install iptables-ipv6 first and proceed with packstack run.

uts9 gravatar imageuts9 ( 2016-01-02 01:35:53 -0500 )edit

Thank you. I solved it by replace the centos-release and redhat-release files in the /etc.

xiaoliuzi gravatar imagexiaoliuzi ( 2016-01-03 20:32:59 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-01-03 20:33:25 -0500

xiaoliuzi gravatar image

I solved it by replace the centos-release and redhat-release files in the /etc.

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