DevStack Installation Error [closed]

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I tried to install devstack in my Virtualbox VM with Ubuntu OS. Two times I did fresh installtion as per devstack guide. Both times it is resulting in an error and stopping the installation. PFB the error it throws :

First install error ::

[Call Trace] ./ /home/stack/devstack/lib/nova:832:die [ERROR] /home/stack/devstack/lib/nova:832 nova-api did not start Error on exit World dumping... see /opt/stack/logs/worlddump-2015-12-22-104136.txt for details

Second Install Error ::

[Call Trace] ./ /home/stack/devstack/lib/cinder:508:die [ERROR] /home/stack/devstack/lib/cinder:508 c-api did not start Error on exit

I am stuck. It will be great if someone can guide me what to do here please.


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