when cinder node reboot,how to save or restone the target conf file?

asked 2015-12-24 19:54:34 -0500

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    I have a question,when i reboot the cinder node,the target conf is failure.I don't know why..My situation is openstack kilo,when power off or reboot the cinder nodes,the all instances can't boot.I use lvm for the cinder backend and compute nodes use the iscsi service.

    Can anyone tell me what is the problome?How can i fix the situation?When it happend i only can do rebuild all instances.It is very stupid.I need help!Any help is very helpful!Thanks a lot!!!!!
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Can you share some nova or cinder logs when instance boot error occured? It is hard to locate the cause just by your description.

xiangfei-ma gravatar imagexiangfei-ma ( 2015-12-25 03:40:41 -0500 )edit