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floating ip creation is not captured by ceilometer

asked 2015-12-21 22:45:46 -0500

itsme gravatar image

I am using Devstack in my development environment.

I need ceilometer to capture floating IP creation events.

After creation of Floating IP, I have checked the ceilometer meter-list, It is not displaying the entries for floating IP.

Pipeline.yaml file content is as follows:

      - ""
      - ""
      - "disk.write.bytes"
      - "disk.write.requests"
      - ""
      - ""
      - "disk.device.write.bytes"
      - "disk.device.write.requests"
      - disk_sink
- name: network_source
  interval: 600
      - "network.incoming.bytes"
      - "network.incoming.packets"
      - "network.outgoing.bytes"
      - "network.outgoing.packets"

How to enable ceilometer to capture events on floating IP creation

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answered 2016-02-09 00:40:12 -0500

yprokule gravatar image

Hi Itsme,

Not sure how to enable this in devstack, but to be able to store events you have to enable set store_events to True in [notification] section of ceilometer.conf and restart notification/collector services.

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