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define multiple gateways for network

asked 2015-12-16 13:37:59 -0500

aksan gravatar image

I have a network ,net1 with 2 VMs connected to it. One router R1 is connected to the n/w which connects to ext-net. I have another router R2 that connects to a diff network net2 in the tenant. Can i create matching rules for the network so that it forward the packet to R2 if destined to that network and set R1 as the default gateway for all other traffic. Is this possible? I do not want to add routes individually to each VM on net1 to forward traffic to net2. I also do not want to use a single router and connect to net2 and ext-net

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answered 2015-12-16 22:36:38 -0500

Prateek K gravatar image

I was about to say that use static routes on each VM but as this thing is ruled out then I guess what you want can be achieved by FwaaS which is there is openstack.

You have to enable this module of openstack and also get to know how we can use it and set rules. For a command line overview here is a link :-

Let me know if this helps

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Firewall is implemented using a router. But i want the path to be decided from the network itself.

aksan gravatar imageaksan ( 2015-12-17 09:05:51 -0500 )edit

As per my knowledge I don't think it is possible from Vanilla openstack.... Going under the hood I know it can be done by manually modifying the iptables of the compute nodes so that VM's traffic gets router as per the need

Prateek K gravatar imagePrateek K ( 2015-12-17 23:58:07 -0500 )edit

Well What i can suggest is if you are doing something big here or if there is a big use case for this ... use the power of open source and create a plugin for yourself and if it is worth, it can be a part of neutron and run as a service which does this

Prateek K gravatar imagePrateek K ( 2015-12-17 23:59:29 -0500 )edit

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