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How do I deploy fuel openstack, off network, with local repo?

asked 2015-12-15 19:41:45 -0600

Alteci gravatar image

I'm using Mirantis (6.1) Fuel and trying to deploy off network, using a local repo, so we can demo this to clients without a network connection. I've updated /opt/fuel-createmirror-6.1/config/common.cfg and changed PARTIAL_UPSTREAM to 0, I then ran fuel-createmirror...that ran for a while and I've verified files have been copied to the MIRROR_ROOT location.

When I deploy, I get the error below. I then manually went to each of the URL's listed below, and all but two work. The first two don't work (the ones with /targetimages/ in the path. I don't see anywhere in the Fuel Dashboard -> Settings -> Repo's where I can change this something hard coded, or perhaps in a config file? What am I missing (by the way, the network test was successful and I'm able to deploy if I use the default repo's)?

Failed to execute hook 'shell' Failed to run command cd / && fa_build_image --log-file /var/log/fuel-agent-env-3.log --data_driver nailgun_build_image --input_data '{"image_data": {"/boot": {"container": "gzip", "uri": "", "format": "ext2"}, "/": {"container": "gzip", "uri": "", "format": "ext4"}}, "output": "/var/www/nailgun/targetimages", "repos": [{"name": "ubuntu", "section": "main universe multiverse", "uri": "", "priority": null, "suite": "base", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "ubuntu-security", "section": "main universe multiverse", "uri": "", "priority": null, "suite": "security", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "ubuntu-updates", "section": "main universe multiverse", "uri": "", "priority": null, "suite": "updates", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "mos", "section": "main restricted", "uri": "", "priority": 1050, "suite": "mos6.1", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "mos-updates", "section": "main restricted", "uri": "", "priority": 1050, "suite": "mos6.1-updates", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "mos-security", "section": "main restricted", "uri": "", "priority": 1050, "suite": "mos6.1-security", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "mos-holdback", "section": "main restricted", "uri": "", "priority": 1100, "suite": "mos6.1-holdback", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "Auxiliary", "section": "main restricted", "uri": "", "priority": 1150, "suite": "auxiliary", "type": "deb"}], "codename": "trusty"}'

Thanks in advance,


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answered 2016-01-21 08:06:02 -0600

kelepirci gravatar image

Hello Alteci,

With Mirantis Openstack 8.0 there is a option to add proxy. You can use proxy to pass your company firewall.

But I am not sure how to overcome this problem in 7.0

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