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How to use Ceph as object storage with OpenStack

asked 2015-12-15 03:09:49 -0500

rcitDBS gravatar image


I'm new to OpenStack (kilo) and i would like to use Ceph as storage platform. I have configured Glance and Cinder to use Ceph, but after reading too many guides i'm kind of confused how to use it as an object storage.

I have read much about the differences between Swift and Ceph and apparently i need radosgw to get this working on the Ceph side. But what do i need to do regarding to OpenStack? Do i still have to install Swift and if yes, how do i configure it correctly to work with Ceph? Any help would be appreciated :)

Thank you very much!

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answered 2015-12-15 04:23:20 -0500


for use Ceph as object storage backend you need to install and configure radosgw at ceph cluster, once it works fine, in the openstack side, just need to install python-swiftclient,create an object-store service and an endpoint for that service with the url of radosgw.

When you issue a request to store an object, swift cli client will lookup at the catalog for an endpoint associated with object-store. Then swift client will request to the endpoint (radosgw) the storage job. At this point, ceph will process and execute all the jobs in the cluster.

That's the current architecture for ceph as swift backend, there is a project to implement ceph as a swift backend driver( the same way as glance, nova and cinder does), in that case, you don't need radosgw becouse all swift objects will be stored in the rdb pool for swift.


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what port do we give while creating the endpoints? I tried with 8080 and swift client wasnt able to connec t to keystone.


aun.shift gravatar imageaun.shift ( 2016-08-31 06:28:56 -0500 )edit

answered 2015-12-15 03:41:54 -0500

Prateek K gravatar image

updated 2015-12-15 03:43:34 -0500

I have done this few months back ... It is quiet simple... Regarding what you need and what you not here is an overview:-

Cinder- For block storage to create LVM's and attach as external volumes in VM's

Swift- For Object Storage like FTP server or Dropbox

Glance- For storing images from which we can boot VM's by default stored in file formats

These are the major storage components in openstack, Now in my use case I created a Ceph Cluster which consisted of 3 nodes and used it as a backed only for Glance. Now first thing is to see weather Ceph is working well in itself(Before starting it to be used by openstack).

Once this is done. You can follow this guide:-

Let me know how it goes

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