How to resolve no nw_info cache associated with instance (HTTP 400)

asked 2015-12-15 02:32:07 -0500

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updated 2015-12-15 02:32:45 -0500

while associating floating-ip to an instance i am getting this "No nw_info cache associated with instance (HTTP 400) error. In my scenario using Python-openstack API's and am launching for ex: 20vms, the provisioned instances returns ERROR state without floating ip assignment. If trying to associate floating-ip to the provisioned instances returns nova-client exception.

Please can any one could suggest on this issue.


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Which OpenStack release are you using. There is a related bug recorded here that appears to be fixed in Liberty.

Tony gravatar imageTony ( 2016-01-01 10:03:30 -0500 )edit