How to setup Openstack / Ubuntu with external firewall

asked 2015-12-10 16:42:29 -0600

eon gravatar image

I am working on my first install and am stuck trying to figure out how to address the ubuntu server and stack. Currently I have a Cisco firewall with a single dhcp public address. Internally I have a network 192.168.113.X.

As the docs refer to 'external' network, I may be being too strict in my interpretation .. to me external addresses are public.. but perhaps it simply meant external to the stack/nuetron?

In either case my first concern was having an issue with double-Nat and didnt seem to be able to determine how the traffic is handled.

I am not sure what outbound traffic is translated .. so I am bit confused at this point. I have read on it but it only says 'choose an ip' .. so any help is appreciated.

I am using the autopilot and have not started I said.. I don't know what types of addresss to assign to dynamic, static, and floating.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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