How to reboot a Windows instance stuck in BSOD when not responding to Soft/Hard reboot command [closed]

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Hello, I am working as an IT Support agent and my client is using OpenStack Grizzly Bear I believe. We encounter a problem fairly often where a Windows 7 instance will get stuck in a BSOD screen. Clicking Soft Reboot or Hard Reboot from the administrative webpage will not reboot the instance. Unfortunately I do not have direct access to the RedHat server in which to run commands locally but I do have access to run openstack commands from windows powershell remotely. Are there any hidden commands in the OpenStack command line tool which can get these VMs unstuck and rebooted?

The BSODs are happening because the host is overloaded with more VMs than it should have which causes a CPU watchdog BSOD because the CPU on the client is not responding in time. Unfortunately the client refuses to add hosts or resources.

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This question is about a version of OpenStack long since EOL'ed. Closing.

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